Why Google Inc is out of ordinary company

21 December, 2010

Google is an interesting company in many aspects. The more you read and know about Google, more you will like it. Google is the most successful company in terms of profitability, growth and leadership in their business. Over the years Google has become the most valuable brand of the world.

The influence of Google for the world is so high that one can not even imagine surviving a day without Google services, especially for those in the IT industry.

Here are few observations that I have made and read over the years about Google;
  • From very inception, Google had innovation in his blood line and continue to be so
  • Google is a professional company run headed by technically sound professionals rather than petty money hungry businessmen
    • Google co-founders hold Ph.D. in their technology domain
  • Google has adapted simplicity as one of their key architectural and interface designs 
  • Google has been practicing generosity as one of their strategic marketing point
  • Google has been promoting democracy in the cyberspace. 
    • For example, the concept of pageRank for searching is one of the most democratic idea (hyperlink is a cast of vote for that web site) used in a algorithm
  • Google has been very brave in challenging political and logistical barriers in their business 
    • Copyright challenges in YouTube and Google Books
    • Legal and political pressure for use of Google Earth and Google Maps
  • Despite being in the labour intensive engineering field, Google has managed to establish very open and relax working culture for their employees
    • Four day working week with fifth day given to work on projects of individual’s interest
We will discuss some interesting aspects of Google inc. in the future posts.

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