Why should you learn english

25 March, 2011

Why should you learn english
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Why should you learn english - Presentation Transcript
  1. A Realistic Reasoning
    Why must you learn English?
    • English has become the international language
    • 18 % of world population understand/speak English
    You must learn English !
    • The bulk of world’s information/knowledge is in English
    • English is dominant education mode
    • Internet resources are dominantly in English
    You must learn English !
    • More career opportunities
    • Better chance of getting a good job locally
    • Plenty of global career opportunities
    You must learn English !
    • More business opportunities
    • Expand your business to global market
    • Find global partnership
    • Explore new opportunities
    You must learn English !
    • Larger audience to share your thoughts
    • Almost one billion English speaking people around the world
    • Billions of Internet users who are fairly comfortable with English
    You must learn English !
    • More entertainment opportunities
    • More books to read
    • More TV/Radio programs to watch/listen
    • More web sites to surf
    You must learn English !
    • If you do not want to be second to an dim-witted superior who is only good at English, You must learn English !

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hmm... My English is average. Quite enough to understand what is written in English. Anyway language is not the only matter in becoming aware of the world. I really wonder how people gather that much of information. besides I don't know whether this is a problem with my nature or my inability in managing information, but lot of information always disturbs me. Too much info always makes me tired and I believe the tranquility in mind is the best way to evolve the brain.
Can anyone please tell me how to gain and handle the vast no: of information from all over the world? What are the limitations?

sara said...

The core of English vocabulary is not hard for learning Only be practical to understand the whole system

principle for IELTS Speaking and Writing


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