Is a man landing on the moon the biggest lie of the world?

12 April, 2011

On 12 April 1961, the USSR sent the first man into space—Yuri Gagarin. Six weeks later, US President John Kennedy promised a manned Moon landing by 1969 to win the battle of systems and impress the world with technical superiority.

NASA had too many technical problems to meet the eight year deadline for going to the moon. But the cunning and shameless USA could not afford to appear lose the race to the moon to the Soviet Union, and so the moon landings were faked.

Early doubts
Doubts about the authenticity of the Apollo Moon landings appeared first in December 1968 when Apollo 8 was launched. The almost perfectly executed odyssey of Apollo 11 amazed many around the world, and some people straight away doubted it was real.

The first book on the subject ("Did man land on the Moon?") was issued in Texas by the mathematician James J. Cranny in 1970. Of course it seems mathematicians who trained for logical thinking are the hardest to be fooled!

Cold war reality

It was 12th July 1969 that USA claimed moon landing. Bart Sibrel (a moon landing conspiracy theorist) says that the Soviet Union had much more time in space than the United States before the Apollo Program. The Soviet Union put the first satellite in orbit in October 1957 named Sputnik 1. They also put the first animal in space in Sputnik 2, and were the first country to safely bring back an animal from space in Sputnik 5. Yuri Gagrin was the first man to orbit the Earth in Vostok 1, who was also from the Soviet Union. Sibrel believes that since the Soviet Union was so far ahead of the United States in the Moon race, the United States had to fake the landings to win.

On January 27, 1967, Apollo 1 caught fire and killed 3 astronauts. Two years later, NASA said that the problems which caused the fire were fixed. Bart Sibrel believes that the problems could not be fixed, so NASA decided to fake the landings to win the Moon race by fooling he world.

Motivation for the hoax
It is claimed that NASA faked the landings to forgo humiliation and to ensure that it continued to get funding. The USA government was also in the same boat in the eyes of international community. Therefore both had no other option but to screen the moon landing comedy.

It is also claimed that the false landings helped the US government because they were a popular distraction from the Vietnam War; and so manned landings suddenly ended about the same time that the US ended disastrous role in the Vietnam War.

Some have argued that one of the conspiracists main motives is making money from pseudoscience. In November 2002, actor Tom Hanks, who starred in the movie Apollo 13 and produced the documentary From the Earth to the Moon, was asked what he thought of the conspiracy theories. He replied: "We live in a society where there is no law against making money in the promulgation of ignorance or, in some cases, stupidity"

The high drama was so success at that time and therefore, no wonder USA is the leader in movie industry today!

Technology limitations
It was 1969 when USA claimed moon landing. We all know that how critical landing of a shuttle to earth and launching. The Moon is also having one fifth of the gravity of the earth. Do you believe that it was such a simple thing to land a shuttle on the Moon as early as 1969? At that time, even the modern computer was at its infancy. The commercial flights had just started to emerge. Did moon have prepared surface to land and launch the shuttle? Then who made the run way/landing area?

Moon rocks
Many believe that the Moon rocks claimed to be collected by the Apollo Program are actually meteorites from Antarctica.

Deaths of Apollo workers
In a television program about the hoax, Fox Entertainment Group listed 10 astronauts and 2 others who had possibly been killed as part of a cover-up.

Further NASA claims of moon landings
Since so called first moon landing of USA men, NASA claimed five more successful Appalo missions sending people to the moon.

Apollo missions that claimed sending people to Moon are as follows;
Mission       Date (claimed by NASA)
Apollo 11     20 July 1969
Apollo 12    19 November 1969
Apollo 14    5 February 1971
Apollo 15    30 July 1971
Apollo 16    21 April 1972
Apollo 17    11 December 1972

You may clearly see that according to NASA between 1969 and 1972 (4 years period); they had claimed six successful missions to Moon.

The current reality

In 2004, US President George Bush gave not eight but sixteen years for a manned return to the Moon, even though the technologies for it should have already been developed forty years earlier. In 2010, President Barack Obama canceled this plan, which seemed to the moon conspiracy theorists to be an admission that the USA still does not have the technology to go to the moon.
Why does not any more moon landings now?

The real reason behind discontinuation of the moon missions
“If sending people to moon during that period was just taking ride to a town, why there were any more man missions to the moon ever since 1972?” Not by USA or any other country. Doing it first time is the difficult thing. If you have done it for six times within short period, doing it over and over must now be like having a piece of cake.But  no one in the West is now discussing about sending people to moon.  Why? Why? Why?

Answer is simple. Apollo was just a fake political mission of USA. They always fool the world. Apollo mission was just one of great success of that type. Of course, at that time the media was not sophisticated as now due to technological and geographical barriers. Whatever USA claimed, others foolishly accepted. Now communication technology is much more free and advanced. That is why USA can no longer go to the moon!!!

If USA claim moon landing today, the next day it will be questioned on Twitter, lengthy discussions on FaceBook and there is guy call Julian Asange waiting to get the leaked cables and publish on Wikileaks.

The development of ICT has made the difference. The future is not shiny for fake and bogus. That’s why USA together with its western ally is sinking.

One may fool some people at times, but not all the people all the time.


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Anonymous said...

අනේ අප්පා හද්හේ තියෙන සුලන් වල සැර. සරුංගලයක් හදන ගියානම් උඩ අරින්නත් තිබුන.
ඇමෙරිකන් කාරයොත් එක්ක අගහරු ලෝකේ කුරුමිට්ටෝ හරි යාලුනේ. උන් තමය් ඔය ගොඩබෑමේ පථය කලින්ම ගිහින් හදල තිබුන කියන්නේ.

David Blacker said...

I'm afraid you are quite eager to believe the conspiracy theorists. If you read up on the Soviet space programme in the late '60s and early'70s, you will see that they claim to have been on the verge of putting a man on the moon themselves, and it was only a series of setbacks (accidents, deaths, etc) that held them back. Unless you think that the Soviet programme was a hoax too, don't you think that if they were that close to success 40 years ago, some of that technology would be available to NASA which has now put a craft on Mars? Or do you think the Mars landing is a fake too? Isn't it far more likely that NASA's abandonment of further manned moon landings, and their concentration on shuttle technology, space stations, unmanned probes, etc, would have meant that manned landing programmes have been suspended for decades?

Which brings me to my next point. Why do you feel that NASA would have continued with moon landings indefinitely? They cost heaps of money, and there's nothing worthwhile on the moon. Why is that the Soviets abandoned their attempts after awhile?

Finally, do you really think that Apollo 11 was a space shuttle that needed a runway to land on???? The lunar modules made vertical landings on the moon, and only required a small flat space.

You really should read up more on the subject.

Nalaka Gamage said...

Dear David,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. One argument you put forward is moon landing is vertical. Do you think vertical landing is such a simple task? (Ohh that was 1969! we talk about). Almost all vertical landings are either crash landings or they use parachute!!

Ohh do not tell me that manned space shuttles use BIG PARACHUTS or those shuttles were like a HELICOPTER.

Remember Moon also has gravity (1/6th of Earth). Its not a joke to do a landing and take off the moon. Taking off from Moon's gravity and return to space is not a joke but need serious on the ground infrastructure and power.
That is why no one is dare to do it anyway!!!(Other than fake drama of late 1960s).

The other point you mention is moon mission is now completed and USA is now concentrating on Mars. hik hik...The reality is because of 1969 hoax, now NASA's space program is in complete disarray!!

Now NASA can not continue their genuine effort of experimentation and research to land a man shuttle on the moon because they have already claimed six times done. If NASA is serious about sending people to Mars, their experimentation lab should be Moon!! ISN'T IT?

The reality is NASA is not serious about sending people to anywhere!! They are simply incapable... That is why NASA cancelling their Moon projects one after other...They keep trying but keep failing too....

When you set unreachable bigger targets like sending people to mars, no one questions their money spending. Then so called scientists at NASA get their funding without much being questioned!!!

I will not surprised if CNN come up with another fabrication saying USA has sent a person to another universe and he is back!!!


Then others have no way of verifying their claim and of course their are plenty of people in the world who believe whatever they are told without thinking!!

Anonymous said...

අර කියන "BAN KI MOON" UN හාදයත් සුද්දන්ට හදෙන් හම්බවුන කෙනෙක් වෙන්න ඇති. මොකද ඇමෙරිකාව තෙල් තියෙන රටවල් වලට BOMBS දානකොට ඔය හාදයත් හැසිරෙන්නේ හදෙන් ගොඩ බාපු ජීවියෙක් වගේ තමය්.

Rayan said...

Six moon landing on moon in four years (1969-1972) where technology is so primitive and thereafter not a single man landed on Moon for 40 years when technology is more advance (1972-2011) is really suspicious.I have heard so many conspiracy theories like flag waving, etc... But your point is unique and much stronger common sense argument.

It is time to NASA or USA government to come up with proper answer or yes you are spot on right !!!

Over to NASA. (I have mail this link to NASA and waiting for a response)

pierre said...


But it the most difficult task on earth is to show the truth to eyes kept shut

Keep going , with courage
Giordano Bruno

Nalaka, although your write up is fascinating and entertaining I don't think its 100% true.

Even not considering the vast number of times the "conspiracy theory" has been debunked ( just using simple logic, like what you have used when you say, why don't they do it now if they have done it 6 times in the past, one can ask the question, why did not the USSR who were a true superpower at the time with lots to gain from humiliating the USA manage to find any shred of proof about this "alleged hoax"? , they certainly had the motivation and the technical wherewithal to investigate this (this applies to China now, who if this story is true could do a good, thorough investigation). It's a simple point to ponder.

And also as someone else mentioned earlier, I don't think apart from the moral boost, there is anything tangible to achieve in going to the moon repeatedly. Especially in those times even thinking of a moon base would have been absurd, so all they could do is go up there in these hugely expensive missions and collect some rocks, bounce around and then come back (all while taking a huge risk). I think everybody realized that there is far greater ROI in having a permanent manned base in orbit(aka ISS) and complement it with better unmanned missions(aka Mars landings, Saturn exploration and missions to asteroids) and an array of super telescopes orbiting the earth(Hubble, Chandra)and maybe direct bleeding edge research(=money) on to more challenging missions.

Anonymous said...

The strength of criticism lies in the weakness of the thing criticized.

What I don't get is how the lunar module was able to land without toppling or breaking one of it's landing legs while going vertical AND horizontal (parallel to ground).


අද දෙරණ