My journey from science to reality

30 April, 2011

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From science to reality - Presentation Transcript

  1. From Science to Reality
  2. What I thought at primary school
    • I do not know much on how things work.
    • My science teacher knows everything.
    • Learning science will solve all my mysteries.
  3. What I was taught at secondary school (O/L)
    • Atom is indivisible unit of all matter
    • Electrons travel in well defined orbital
  4. What I learnt at secondary school (O/L)
    • How electricity works.
    • How NaCl (salt) is formed.
    • How does steel corrode.
  5. What I was programmed to think at secondary school (O/L)
    • Science is truth.
    • Science is definite and precise.
    • Concrete, Stable, Permanence.
    • Electrons at different levels travel on different shaped orbits.
    What I learnt at high school (A/L)
    “ People understood how to make petrol and alcohol”
  6. What I was programmed to think at secondary school (A/L)
    • Science is complex.
    • Science is bit of mystery.
    • I may be not as good as great scientist who know it best.
  7. What I learned at university
    Special principle of relativity (Einstein) :
    • physical laws should be the same in every inertial frame of reference, but that they may vary across non-inertial ones
  8. What I learned at university
    Heisenberg uncertainty principle :
    • The measurement of position necessarily disturbs a particle's momentum, and vice versa
  9. What we found at the university
    • Science is not the truth.
    • Science is mere looking at nature at different levels so that we can understand few things.
    • Science itself has found it’s limit.
  10. What the Buddha taught 2500 years back?
    "Whatever is subject to origination (samudaya) is subject to cessation (nirodha)" - MN 56
    "All is impermanent. And what is the all that is impermanent?" - SN 35.43/vol.iv, 28
  11. Evolution of knowledge
    Primary School
    Enlightenment ? - What the Buddha taught 2500 years back
  12. Conclusion
    “ Where the western science ends, the eastern philosophy of Buddhism starts"

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Anonymous said...

Great work. Plenty of half educated people here blindly thinks that science is truth !!

Its amazing that when you learn only a little, sometime you are more fooled than learned. Think about who has done science only up to O/L. They may all still believe that science is rock solid truth because that was how you were taught at that level.

Eastern philosophy of Buddhism? hmm... that is unfair. It is not a philosophy. It is the universal truth which periodically comes out. It is the most rare and precious treasure in the whole universe.


අද දෙරණ