How to save your job if you are an incompetent employee

20 May, 2011

Do you want to be part of the above vicious cycle in your career?
Or, are you already part of above vicious cycle in your office?

Then, it is yourself to blame for being in such a pathetic situation due to various reasons as follows;
  • You have creep into the professional field based only on paper qualifications.
  • You have not learned or acquired professional skills during college or university life.
    • Rather you tried to fool others and ending yourself up being a pathetic slave of a vicious cycle.
  • You do not have proper attitude to be genuine and productive professional.

If you do not want to be one of them, put some genuine effort at studying and career.
  • Acquire competencies rather than mere paper certificates !
  • Be professional in whatever you do.
  • Be a smart person.

    Above approach of survival will only work if your big boss like this culture. However, this type of unproductive organizations can not survive long  under the current extremely competitive open economy. Therefore , make sure that you timely change your job before your company get bankrupt.

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    Anonymous said...

    මේක වැඩිපුර වෙන්නේ ආණ්ඩුවේ office වල නේද?

    Anonymous said...

    Unfortunately, some choose back liking than being competent.

    Rayan said...

    Boot licking and respect are two completely different things. Sometimes even some superiors can not differentiate those and become part of the vicious cycle.

    Anonymous said...

    100% Correct, This framework is supported by most of the companies..


    අද දෙරණ