Leadership qualities of the lord Buddha

21 May, 2011

Leadership qualities of the buddha - Presentation Transcript

  1. Leadership of truthfulness
    • The Buddha’s leadership was to uncover the truth and not to hide it.
    • It does not matter whether the truth is bitter, a true leader genuinely faces it rather than runs away from it.
    • Then he preach nothing but the truth.
  2. Leadership for change
    • You do not need a leader to take a sip of water from flowing river.
    • A person who float downstream with the water is also not called a leader.
    • A person who swim upstream is indeed a leader.
    • That is what the Buddha did to find the truth of life.
  3. Leadership by attainment
    • The Buddha first attained the Buddhahood after long struggle and then only he asked others to follow his path.
    • A true leader never preach without himself experiencing it firsthand.
  4. Leadership by example
    • Buddha never preached others to follow or impose rules without himself abide by those first.
    • For example before his disciples were asked to restrain from eating in the evenings (“vikalabojana”) , Buddha himself had been following that for long period.
  5. Lead from front at time of need
    • Buddha never mere preach and asked only others to act.
    • In order to restrain violent beings like “Alavaka” or animals like “Nalagiri”, the Buddha himself took the leadership.
  6. Leader as a teacher
    • Great teachers always teach others what he has experienced and understood.
    • Within every leader, there is a great teacher.
    • The Buddha is the greatest leader and the teacher of all time.
  7. Leader as a protector
    • A petty bogus leaders are filled with fear, suspicion and jealousy.
    • A true leader is someone with compassion and he always protect others at hard times.
    • A great leader enjoys his subordinate’s success.
    • The Buddha helped all his followers to win over suffering and protected against endless suffering of “sansara”.
  8. Leaders talk first with others
    • Lot of leaders arrogantly think that their followers must talk to them.
    • But the Buddha, always talk first (“pubbebasitha”) when he meet someone.
    • Great leaders are never arrogant in front of his followers or subordinates.
  9. Look directly at the face and talk
    • Buddha is a genuine leader.
    • He had no tricks or hidden tactics of management.
    • Therefore, the Buddha always confidently look straight onto the face of people he is talking to.
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