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21 August, 2011

This post is a supplementary for the previous post titled "Astrology or Buddhism? Make a choice". This post is also targeting Buddhists beveling in astrology and not intended to offense any other believer in astrology.

Astrology & Buddhism
Q: Does astrology comply with Buddhism?
A: No. Buddhism and Astrology contradict each other.

Q: Has the Buddha promoted astrology?
A: In Thripitaka (pali cannon), we cannot find a single word by the Buddha that promote astrology. We Buddhist believe that the Buddha has the great passion and wisdom and by the time of the Buddha the astrology was there. If astrology can be benefited, the Buddha could well have advised humans to use astrology for good effect.

Q: Has the Buddha demoted astrology?
A: Yes in several places. Here is a quote from the Thripitaka.
“He should not practice charms, interpret physical marks, dreams, the stars, animal cries..”   - The Buddha (Sutta Nipata)

Q: If the Buddha prohibited astrology for monks, why there are plenty of Buddhist monks who actively involved in astrology?
A: Because I am a layman, I would rather not answer this question. When you meet those monks involved in astrology, you better get the clarification from them.

Q: Then what about chartings like “Surya pirtha” that mentiones about planets and effects of those on humans.
A: “Surya pirtha” is not part of original thripitaka. It is one of the few “pirith chantings” that Sri Lankans use outside thripitaka. “Surya pirtha” is clearly not a part of what the Buddha taught.

Q: Lot of astrologers use Buddhist symbols and suggest Buddhist rituals.
A: They do it as a marketing mean to persuade foolish Buddhists.

Q: Astrology does not promote evil doings; therefore can I believe in astrology and still be a good Buddhist?
A: No. Ignorance is one of the root causes of suffering. Refrain from clinging to rites and rituals (‘seelabatha paramasa’) are one of the three qualities of stream winner (‘sothapanna’) in Buddhist practice. So you cannot believe in astrology and at the same time be a stream winner under Buddhism. (Not all astrology non believers are stream winners, but none of the believers of astrology can be stream winners)

Astrology & science
Q: Is astrology scientific?
A: Astrology is not at all scientific.

Q: But I have seen astrologers doing lot of calculations.
A: Yes, but all those calculations are based on mythical formulae. Therefore, they are not at all scientific or logical calculations. There is no agreement on these formulae even among astrologers themselves.

Q: Astrologers do calculations based on real planets.  What’s wrong with it?
A: Firstly those distances vary all the time because of planetary motions. Time itself is notoriously relative phenomena. Secondly some of those so called planets (Rahu, Kethu etc…)  that astrologers use for calculations have not yet identified even by using sophisticated telescopes. Do you think that scientists are yet to discover those planets?

Q: Do not you think that the time of birth is influential?
A: Now more than fifty percent of the child births are done using cesarean operations. It is doctors who decide the time of child birth depending on their busy schedules

Astrology & society
Q: If astrology is wrong how can it survived for long?
A: Ignorance (‘Avidya’) is integral part of all beings. So it may survive as long as existence of beings. That is why great scientist Albert Einstein once said “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.”

Q: Programs related to astrology is very popular in mass media.
A: Media is a business. It is generally accepted fact that you can sell any junk to ignorance customers than smart people. They use astrology to make the former type of customer base. It is an indirect investment by multinational companies (though they never believe in astrology). If you closely analyze, some other sponsors include lottery board etc... Only superstitious people buy lotteries.

Q: Even some of influential and powerful people in the society believe in astrology.
A: Those petty politicians, actors etc make money by petty means than genuine effort. They have inner emptiness and guilty conscious in the light of genuine religions. So they obviously prefer and promote rituals like astrology. A crook can easily attribute his wrong doings to planets and stars rather than accepting his own faults.

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Anonymous said...

"Greece yakku" adahana modayo inna rate jothisya gana kawara kathada :-)

chamath said...

බොරුව කියන එක එක්කෙනෙක්ට ටික කලයි කරන්න පුළුවන්. lankajhothisha.blogspot.com කියන බ්ලොග් එකත් පහුගිය කාලේ මාර ට්‍රය් එකක් දුන්න ජොතිස්‍ය පරම සත්‍ය සහ විද්‍යාත්මකය කියල පෙන්නන්න. පස්සේ එක ලියන පුද්ගලයා අන්තිමට බ්ල්ලොග් එකේ comments පෙනෙන එකත් disable කරලා දැන් සද්ද නෑ. :-) ඕක තමඊ බොරුවට යන අන්තිම තැන. නමුත් ඉතින් මෝඩකම කියන එකටත් තාම market එකක් තියෙන හන්ද තව කවුරුහරි මතුවෙලා ආපහු ටිකක් කල් ලියාවි. ඇත්ත තමඊ මිනිස්සු ඉන්නකන් අවිද්‍යාව තියෙනකන් ජොතිස්‍යත් තියේවි.

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Anonymous said...


Ape jothisya malaya onna yantham comments aapahu enable karala (habai dade varanayakata yatahva). Onna malaya prathamavathavata jothisya amathaka karala desapalanaya liyanna patan aran hik hik.. :-)

- Gamaya

Unknown said...

That 'suriya piritha' is an original teaching of Buddha but it's not about Astrology.
Then you might not ignore astrology if you read about buddha's birth & privious births called 'jathaka' although astrology has no purpose in Dhamma.

The Real Astrology was a pridicting system also which used by an astrologer to say that "Prince Sidhartha" becomes a Buddha & at his birth. And there're some incidents of astrology given in Jathaka stories of buddha also but those're not so important to everyone. Because according to Buddhas teachings someone could loose intended purpose by waiting for astrology instead successing. It might be a game-like.
So, Buddha never told to follow it & also never told it's a myth. There's astrology but not useful for everyone.

In Anyway, having an strong opinion as it is a myth or as it is vital are both extremes which should avoid according to Buddhism. If you go to any of extremes then it might be a frustration.
So, let astrology be there & use who have purpose of it. We know that we've no purpose of it in applying of Buddhism. Being bothered of this will not help you to be a Buddhist at all.!


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