London riots and looting - downfall of colonialism in videoes

12 August, 2011

Set of stunning videos showing the reality of people who preach us super democracy, human rights and freedom.
Video 1 - Looters robbed injured young man in broad day light

Video 2 - London Riots Sony Warehouse engulfed by flame

Video 3 - London streets controlled by looters

Dear Sunil Perera why do not you sing a song on this fallen western dream also? Engalanthe ehema wenne na…. hik… hik…

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Anonymous said...

munge janmeta vadiya purudda lokuwela aaphu mathu wenava.

Anonymous said...

Europe has no moral philosophy. Law of the jungle is their way of living. Because of Science they got bit of edge for small period, they pretended like decent, but when economy down, they show their true colors.

How people behave in hardship is their true nature.

supun said...

ඔන්න එංගලන්තේ ලොකු මහත්තය කියල තියනවා මෙව්වා වෙන්නේ ආර්තුක ප්‍රශ්න හන්ද නෙමෙඉලු, social media තමඊ ලු මෙව්වට මුල. එක හන්ද එව්වා BAN කරන්න ඕනලු. අනේ අප්පේ මෙහෙම දෙයක් අපේ වගේ රටක කිව්වනම් එහෙම මෙලහටකත් NGO නැන්දලා මාමල ටික lipton වට රවුම උඩ පදිංචි වෙලා උද්ගෝෂණ.
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