Present belong to Asia !

05 August, 2011

The crisis of the West has now surly peaked into turmoil. The west is now destabilized both in economy and security.  Of course when economy goes down, the unrest of the people increase resulting security threats. In the early part of this year I published a post titled “Time to turn to East”. Now it is happening faster than before.
Not only we, the West too has no option but to turn to the East for survival. We said that the future belongs to East and it is happening. So now we can happily say that present belong to the East as well.

 Let’s analyze few incidents occurred over the last few weeks. Firstly, it was bomb blast and massacre by terrorist attack on Oslo.  Norway was the hidden arm of USA for political interference to African and Asian countries. It is said that ‘what you reap is what you sow’.  They made Norway itself as a safe haven for terrorism. Now the bomb blasting and shooting has started from heart of the capital.

Another milestone in the downhill of USA economy was passed in this week. The president Obama had to increase the US national debt ceiling to 14.3 trillion dollars in order to prevent the country from default. I hope you already know that USA is the biggest debtor of the world. Only thing is that USA is a posh beggar not yet exposing its true misery.

China Vs USA
Just have a look at the following link. It will tell you the story in full.

Now which country is in the top having great health with positive current account balance? Yes it is China. No wonder why China is so eager to give loans and grants to countries like Sri Lanka. China is overflowing with excess wealth right now. In fact China is now running out of options for investing that excess money :-) . China is already having hundreds of fully completed modern cities unoccupied (West call them ghost cities) waiting for next stage of economy boost.

Now look at who is in the very down in the chart (You need to scroll right down in the given link). Do you believe? It is USA, the word policeman, so called (by western media) super power of the world. See the difference between the amount of negative balance (debt) of USA and next worse country (Spain). This itself tell the tragic situation of USA. Also check which country is with the third worse current account balance (negative pocket). That is UK !!!. No wonder UK (government, its media agents etc..) are going after all means for collecting some dollars and Pounds doing any dirty work. The reality is they are in deep trouble!
Now have a look at the table of “Foreign holders of U.S. Treasury Securities” in the following Wikipage.

If you still worship and boast the West, I wish you are now shocked!  Come on wake up from the dream s and welcome to the reality. Who owns the bulk of the external debt of USA? It is China!! China holds 26 % of total external debt of USA. Remember sometimes back USA was shouting at human right violations in China. Why USA is dead silence on that topic. China is now controlling the USA.  USA cannot shout at China at all now. Almost 45 % of total external (foreign) debt of USA is hold by China and Japan alone. So who cannot agree that future is with the Asia? Asia is rising for sure. It is time for you to turn to East and march forward with rising Asia or sink with ailing West!

I will be winding up this post with sharing two news items published over the last few days for you to think a bit more.
- India to give $2bn to fund bailouts in Europe
- Britain at greatest risk of terrorism than Sri Lanka

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Anonymous said...

අපි වැඩි දෙනෙක් ආසියාවේ අපේ දියුණුව ගැන සතුටු වෙනකොට අපිව යටත්කරගෙන පාගාගෙන හිටිය බටහිර වැටෙනකොට හොටු පෙරාගෙන අඩා වැටෙන කොටසක් අපි අතරමත් ඉන්න බව අපි අමතක කරන්න හොද නෑ. සුද්දෝ මේ රටින් යනකොට බෝ කරලා ගිය කළු සුද්දෝ ටික තමය් ඒ.

Nalaka Gamage said...

Update (1):
Standard & Poor's, has downgraded the United States' top-notch AAA rating for the first time ever.

Anonymous said...

perahare kasa karayoth dan eliyata enawa wage neda?

Nalaka Gamage said...

Update (2)
Here goes. China takes the cane against USA now. See who is the boss and who is the underdog now. Its happening :-)


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