The reality of reality TV

28 August, 2011

The Western culture is nourished under the influence of Anglo Jewish domination. Passion and hatred are dominant features of it. The capitalism was built on top of the wealth amass by western colonialism in 1800s and early 1900s.
First the West looted the East and amassed wealth by the power of gun and of course there were handful of native people in the eastern countries to betray their mother nations for petty monetary gains. Then they introduced capitalism which is dominated by the people having the capital (of course, by then it was the West) and others become labors (either blue collar or white collar).

The western economic system depends on a single factor. That is COMPETITION. As long as each one is competing against the other, the system can move on and everyone is under the illusion that they are happy because they win over others in exams, social status, wealth etc..

However the reality is bitter. Because of the high competitive nature of the life style, individuals in the society does not even have time to sit down and reflect on what ‘happiness’ is all about.

One day people will realized that competition only kills and exhaust their lives for going after petty things  whereas they should have enjoyed their life and fulfill their basic needs first. Then the the vicious cycle of passion driven capitalism fails.

There is one party that is benefited by extreme competition. They are called “Investors”.  Investors going after profit than fulfilling people's need. Selling junk is generally more profitable than doing genuine productive investments. That is why from Coca Cola to junk snakes rule the media. They invest billions on reality TV shows to keep up the junk culture.

While the rest (majority) of the society is asked to compete with each other, investors cash in. The system demands more and more passion, desire and hatred in order to keep this vicious cycle live. Whenever the capitalism is in crisis due to enlightenment of the people, those who are benefited from this vicious cycle come up with various ideas to fuel this cycle.

The ‘American Idol’ was one of those recent ideas that came up in the master minds of capitalism in USA. The fueling ingredients of capitalism (i.e. passion, desire and hatred which are negative factors in humanism) are sugar coated with apparently a positive term “talent”.  They say that they are looking for talent and promoting talent of the people. However the reality is they are gradually justifying and infiltrating passion and extreme competitiveness into the society.

It is no longer constructive criticism, but public humiliation in practice. The viewers are made used to enjoy people getting humiliated. After sometime, the society will accept this as a general norm. Once this is diffused into the society, the entrepreneurs will start practicing (already started) these same concepts to rule their workers. They will ask co workers to compete with each other and lesser (or workers having lesser desire, passion or hatred) workers will be publicly humiliates as shown in “American Idol”.

Talent is no longer something that you appreciate and enjoy. It’s just another factor to make a mock of it so that others (having no talent at all) can enjoy and more importantly exploit talent easily.
The pro colonial media agent “SIRASA” took the vicious initiative in Sri Lanka and the rest blindly followed their vicious agenda.

In the evenings on TV, you may enjoy set of people getting humiliated in the name of competition for talent. But following mornings you will be the victim of same culture that was blindly imported from the west by pro neo-colonial local media agents.

It is no longer collaboration but competition,  not appreciation but criticism that rule the world. welcome to so called free economy modeled by the West!


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mayya said...

my experience of capitalism in Australia is far different from what you have described. although I do not hesitate to agree with you, when you are saying that competition is the basement of capitalism, I can not agree furthermore when you are saying that it is diminishing the leisure time which available people to enjoy the good things in life or have an insight of ones life.

Instead, capitalism paves the way for correct price level for the good and services which ultimately cause to benefit by the worker who supply them to the market. high wages mean that average worker can enjoy the good things which can not approached by the poor. they will have they are weekend vacations with families and enjoying it to the maximum. this is the reality i am experiencing in Australia.

Nalaka Gamage said...

Dear Mayya,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Your experience in capitalism is from a colonial master country (Of cause Australia was formed as a territorial extension of UK) where high social benefits and security established. Obviously capitalism is rosy for influenced with politico-economic power.

I am talking about raw capitalism in colonisd country where West try to enforce and sometimes intimidate to make us their consumers for junks.

And other thing is majority of people in Sri Lanka , India etc still having underdog mentality. If you closely analyse a advertisements by multinantional companies telecast in Asian subcontinent and African countries, you will clearly see that they think that people here are fool (And of course majority are fools :-))

I do not oppose open economy, but strongly oppose capitalism (mere going after money and fooling consumers and workers)

- Nalaka

Vikum said...

I think every one in Sri Lanka who blindly follow "$$$$$ Stars" programs must have look at the chicken photo in the post and think a bit. Great post !!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Atthatama gaburin sithiya uthu deyak.


අද දෙරණ