Why Ceylinco insurance is promoting vehicle accidents? - Insight story

03 August, 2011

Insurance industry is based on fear of people just like terrorism. If there are no road accidents in Sri Lanka, vehicle insurance industry is going to collapse. Cunning and shrewd Ceylinco Insurance company knows this fact more than anyone else. That is why they have invested millions of money in advertising to promote road accidents in Sri Lanka.

It is generally accepted fact that people should be rewarded for doing good things and possibly punished for doing bad things. Then why does Ceylinco Insurance is rewarding foreign tours for those who meet with accidents?

The simple reason is every single road accident inflict fear on ALL the vehicle owners. Without accidents, insurance industry is not going to survive. That is why they promote accidents by rewarding the culprits!!

The majority who drives are safe drivers. But they have been forced to buy insurance because they fear that other (minority) careless drivers will put them into trouble. This minority careless drivers drive the vehicle insurance industry !. So being the leader in insurance industry and long led by a crook businessman, Seylinco is promoting accidents to make big money out of fear. Is not this another form terrorism?

What type of a society are we living? Think a bit. There are plenty of businesses running on terror or fear of people.

This is very much like an education institute praising or rewarding people who fail exams rather than coming on top.

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Anonymous said...

මේකත් හරියට කොසොල් රජතුමා දුටුව සිහින හැබෑ වීමක් වගේ නේද ?

This same company followed an even more sinister strategy to promote its general insurance business some time ago. They sponsored prime-time teledramas that had dramatically tragic things happening to people and in commercial breaks offered insurance that subtly played on fears aroused in viewers by the those misfortunes.

Isuru said...

Yes Sujeewa, megollo thama issellama laankikayanta adovadiya mega natti purudu kaleth. Doodaruwo, naadayo wage eka eka namvalin megollo natuvth oya thrasthavadee naadagamama thamay vena vidiyakata.

Supun said...

මේ රටේ නීතිය කියල එකක් නැද්ද? මේ වගේ සමාජ විරෝදී වෙළද දැන්වීම් වලට හැමෝම නිහඩ මොකද? මේ රටේ වැඩිපුර ඉන්නේ හරක් හඬ ඉතින් Seylinco එක තාමත් යහතින් ජාවාරම් කරගෙන ඉන්නවා !!

Anonymous said...

This add must be immediately BANNED. If this add continue, we never know what kind of adds will be put up by some other vicious companies next.

Anonymous said...

මේ වගේ adds බලන පොඩි උන්ගෙන් ඉස්සරහට බලාපොරොත්තු විය හැකි දේ...

තාත්තේ මම වැටිලා තුවාල උන, මට දැන් තෑග්ගක් දෙන්න.
අම්මේ මම විබාගේ fail , දැන් මට බය්ක් එකක් අරන් දෙන්න.
අක්කේ මම යාලුවත් එක්ක ගහ ගත්ත මටත් තෑග්ගක් දෙන්න අර seylinco මාමල දෙනවා වගේ...


Anonymous said...

Well, I agree that this is a stupid way to promote insurance. They should rather give an incentive to safe drivers.

But I don't subscribe to your thoughts on that the more accidents on the road will benefit insurance companies. Infact it is the other way around. Just because I didn't have an accident last year doesn't mean I will not insure my vehicle this year (I'd be stupid not to, the law of averages works the other way around). The more accidents, the more money insurance companies will have to fork out as payments. So the ideal situation for the insurance companies in that their customers pay premiums but don't have accidents.

**Average Lankan

Anonymous said...

Insurance industry is one of the most unethical industry. When Barrack Obama presented Health Insurance reforms,petty businessmen in American Insurance industry fought fiercely against Obama. They almost took the life of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by shooting her on head early this year. http://goo.gl/uvLQJ

It's a tragedy to say that private sector health and insurance industry is one of the most inhuman industry under capitalism.

No wonder how Seylinco is behaving like a bull in the china shop! They go after money and profit. We know who Kotalavala is !!!!!

- Kapila

Anonymous said...

Dear Average Lankan,

I will give you few interesting facts because you seems thinking that insurance is genuine industry :-)

This is Insurance industry ownership about 3 years back. See who were the owners.

CTC Eagle insurance <=Ceylon Tobaco Company

Sri Lanka Insurance <= Harry Jayawardana who owned Lanka Distallaries (Arrack)

Seylinco Insurance <= Lalith/Sisilia Kotalawala, the crook family.

So what kind of ethics or caring we should expect from Insurance industry?

Things are now getting bit better, but Ceylinco is still showing its old feather.

If Insurance industry thinks like what you think first thing CTC Eagle or Harry Jayawardana would have done is closing Tobacco company and Distallaries because those clearly effect health insurance profitability. But reality is those who drink or smoke fear their life and they prefer to take health insurance :-)

That is how these industries now operate. Reality is far from theory !


Puzzled said...

The wonder of wonders is that some people in this country still choose to insure themselves with this company, knowing fully well that their sister companies have swindled so many fellow Sri Lankans out of their life savings amounting to billions of rupees.

Anonymous said...

mae add eke anthmata kiynavane "Loktama ekai" kiyala. Ekanam sahathika attha. Me wage advertiesment dana insurance company wena kohewath thiyenna ba thamai, mokada me wage add kata baliyan balana inna aya inna ratkuth loke wena kohewath nathiwa athi. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lankave modayo innakan seylinco ekatath raja magul!


අද දෙරණ