The Majority Vs Minority

14 January, 2012

After the terrorism was fully defeated, the president addressing the parliament mentioned that this country no longer has minorities based on race and religions, rather mow we have the majority that love the country and the minority that hate and betray the country. This little poem was written based on his speech.

Majority loves and protects the country,
    Minority hates and betrays the country
Majority fights against invaders,
     Minority flees or joins with invaders.
Majority loves and proud of own culture,
     Minority always boast of foreign cultures
Majority supports in need of difficult times,
     Minority comes to cherish at good times
Majority always thinks of how to serve the society,
     Minority thinks of ways of exploiting others
Majority think of ways to better living in the country,
     Minority think of ways of leaving the country
Majority proud of how they earn,
     Minority proud of what they earn
Majority promotes production, self enrichment and exports,
     Minority promotes imports
Majority facilitates brain gain into the mother land,
     Minority, mere brain drain agents
Majority proud of their history,
     Minority hate history
Majority thinks of ways of uniting the country,
     Minority thinks of ways of dividing the country
Majority is the future of this country,
     Minority is mere extinguishing species of the country.

Which category do you fit into?

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Anonymous said...

It is time for you to refer the dictionary again. Those words are based on quantity.
But you are trying to impose a qualitative values on the words. Now stop for a moment and think what is the real majority?
You are creating a paradox. words are sweet, but truth is bitter. See the reality.

Nalaka Gamage said...

You are looking at the post in mechanistic way. This post has a political context. Before 2005, the political power was with those having underdog mind set due to influence of colonization.


It has now changed. Now those having colonial mind set (Puppets of INGOs etc) have lost power and become a MINORITY IN POLITICAL SENSE. The common people who lost independence in 1815 has won back the freedom. That is my reading. Now I feel like a person of freedom and I have all rights to express my joy. I do not mind those mental slaves (In fact lots of labled Sinhalese fall into this new minority group) who betray the country and living here as temporary residents dreaming of joining with their colonial masters in the west getting heart. !!

More on this කොම්ප්‍රදොරුවන්ගේ ඇතිවීම සහ විකාශනය

Anonymous said...

I really value your patriotic ideas. This is what our dear mother SriLanka crave these days.
Still I want to say you something. Sometimes (almost all the times) we delibarately choose what we see."eyes wide shut".
We like to find solace in our own small world.
Dear Mr.Gamage, Do you really think that the governing party at the moment is free from colonial thinking?
Do you really believe those words nicely gathered and delivered in speeches are really true?
All what I want to say cannot be expressed in this small space without being misunderstood. You may begin to think
that I am anti- government / anti- Mahinda type. Truely I am not. I don't hate politics too. (BTW it is a part of us.)But I prefer to keep my mind more open and actively act my part in making a better tomorrow for my kids.
So I request you to do just a one thing. Keep your eyes wide open!
(I've read the article .I appriciate it and totally agree with you!)

Nalaka Gamage said...

Anon (15 January 2012),
Thanks for reading the content of the link given continuing the dialogue in constructive manner. Yes this government is not 100% free of faults. I always criticize their wrong doings openly in some of my posts too. But when it comes to take a choice between government and possible conduct of opposition elected as a government, this government is miles ahead. I vigorously criticize and at the same time defend this government at the moment.


අද දෙරණ